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"うずまき ナルト-Uzumaki Naruto..

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 Little Sasuke Uchiha | Episode 334 

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"If you can’t see the love in my eyes, come a little closer."

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If you don’t think cats are awesome you are wrong. Sorry, it’s scientificly proven.

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- Kisumi?
- Yeah, your old classmate from middle school, Shigino Kisumi. His younger brother is in the class I’m teaching, so I saw him yesterday for the first time in ages. Weren’t you two close when you were in the same class in middle school?
- Nope. 

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british horror story: ukip

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oh. mah. gawd. look at lord sausage.

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what happens if an undercover cop posing as a drug dealer deals to an undercover cop posing as a drug buyer

I read about where something similar to this happened except they were investigating prostitution and they arrested each other and like a year later ended up getting married. 

it sounds like the plot of a fanfic

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Sakura requested by iryonin

sorry this is so badd 

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list of different animes


  • naruto
  • space naruto
  • angry titan naruto
  • robot naruto
  • basketball naruto
  • volleyball naruto
  • swimming naruto
  • everyone’s naked naruto
  • magic naruto
  • princess naruto
  • sailor naruto
  • vegeta naruto
  • pirate naruto
  • fairy naruto

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"A mother's love is instinctual, unconditional, and forever."
Happy Mother’s Day! Kushina or Gaara | Asked by Eucliffetr

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