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making my way downtown oh my fucking god where am i

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らくがきログまとめ by えいち 
Reposted with permission from artist.

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The only thing that can keep a fire from dying
and give it more power, is wind.

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I think it’s great that Sasuke respects Naruto wanting to have this moment with Obito, even though in his mind, he thought it pointless.

Sasuke, you are very understanding when it comes to Naruto yes?

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They are both smiling.

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<<...become Hokage at all costs...>>

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I’ know you will - Naruto 687.

I think this was necessary, it was such a beautiful chapter. 

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dude everyone says they hate naruto every week but at the end of the day we still like naruto

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this is actually kind of surreal. like i think kishi’s taken this whole “naruto is an angel” thing too far. he just said he thinks the man who killed his parents and ruined his life is the coolest. the main character of this series could not possibly become any more unrelatable. i don’t think that’s a good thing.

I’m compelled to reblog and reply, something I never do. I personally relate with Naruto on a very personal level. I relate to him entirely. To love unconditionally, to see the good in people, to forgive where it is earned, to believe in someone unconditionally are not traits afforded only to angels. We mere mortals are capable of these things. He doesn’t sit still and let the world around him just happen, he -makes- the world around him the reality he desires. What Naruto does is attainable by everyone, if they choose it. It’s very real for me

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So Kishimoto not only got a new editor, it seems his assistance said on Twitter that there’s so much he wants to tell about the ‘New Era’ but he isn’t allowed to. Plus the movie was said to start a new Era anyway. Which leads me only to believe that there will be a FRIGGIN PART 3.

Believe it.

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i remember where it all began so clearly

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Naruto,become Hokage.. at all costs.

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